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3d farmhouse style home with an attached garage

Custom Home Plans

Custom Home floor plans designed to your specifications

You don’t have to settle for a generic blueprint when you can create a custom floor plan for your home! Our team of professional designers and drafters can help you create your custom home concept.

Utilizing the latest AutoCAD technology, our designers can help you bring your vision to life by utilizing all the complexities involved with creating a modern house plan. You will be able to solidify the details of your dream house more effectively when you can physically see it early in the design process.

When it comes to achieving your custom home floor plan goals and determining your building cost, Quality Design & Drafting can help by creating a floor plan that is accurate and detailed.

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custom home floor plan rendering

Your Own Customized Floor Plan Designs

With the help of our professional designers, you can design your own house floor plan! Seeing is believing, but when you have a chance to see a 3D rendering of your future home, it will take a moment to sink in that it will soon become a reality! To ensure a smooth build, we provide our clients’ contractors with detailed information. The custom floor plan designs we provide help you determine the cost to build, eliminating confusion and indecision for your builders and developers.

With our modern home plans, you can create a home that is uniquely yours, filled with all the amenities you have always wanted — and needed!

Find inspiration for your own custom floor plan design by viewing our featured projects below!


3d rendering of family home plan

Creating Your Perfect Family Home Plans

We can create a drafted family home plan that you can take to your builder with confidence based on the ideas, pictures, or rough sketches you provide. Fast, accurate, and on budget: that’s what you get with our home design services!

The specifics of every detail are important to our designers when creating plans for your home. By utilizing our 3D rendering software, we will be able to create a family home plan that will make you feel like you’re already in it! View fine details of the project in this interactive presentation, which has zoom features for viewing specific areas, helping to solidify the beauty of a project.

Check out our gallery to see some of our latest work!

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Start Designing Your Custom Home Floor Plan, Today!

Thousands of Pennsylvania clients have relied on our custom home design services since 1991. As a result of our knowledge of the construction process, we are able to design custom home floor plans with the highest level of detail for families. Every detail is accounted for, from HVAC systems and electrical regulations to plumbing and post-framing.

You’ve been dreaming and planning for this moment for years, and it’s all finally within reach. Don’t wait anymore, contact us today! Our team looks forward to working with you and creating the floor plan for your future home.